EMC² Interiors offers services in both existing homes as well as new home construction; from one room, to an entire home. We work directly with all of the specialists needed to fully outfit the job so no unforeseen issues arise.

Using our design experience and attention to detail, we will select the finishes, fixtures, tile, architectural elements, color scheme, and all other details needed to complete the construction process.

While the development is taking place, we work with you to come up with a full scale plan including furniture, lighting, décor, wall finish, art work, and floor coverings. This allows the client to move into their new home with ease by putting the project management in the hands of a trained professional.

When the home is complete, so is the process. The furniture is placed, drapery is hung and all accessories are positioned providing ample functionality as well as beautiful aesthetics.

Flat rate packages, as well as a la carte services are available upon request.